Clear and visionary. Strong toolbox. Strategic and holistic with a practical and sensible approach to organizing and executing. A real leader with an admirable personal integrity.

Board Member, Sweden

Casper is a unicum. You should have worked with him once in your life. At least.

Casper was my manager and I learned a lot from him and took a lot from the collaboration. He is a leader. He listens and draws razor-sharp conclusions, which he brings to the point verbally like no one else. With him as a manager, you grow. He challenges and promotes your own potential as a leader. The most impressive were his presentations for the employees: Casper always has a new, super creative idea to convey messages – with the help of record covers, art, literature... I will never forget our sparring to develop an idea further and make it concrete. Looking for the chance to work together again…

Communications Manager, Germany

I’ve worked with Casper during 8 years where he’s helped me to improve performance by leading myself and leading others especially in times of change. As I developed I could take on larger and larger scope or responsibilities, going from a controller for a company to running a large project of implementing a finance shared service structure for a whole Group. The way he does it is through coaching, challenges and a big scoop of heart.

Managing Director, Sweden

In close collaboration with Casper, I have repeatedly seen him take a stand for good leadership, provide mentoring to others, and fully commit to the growth of people. He thinks big, and maintains high expectations on what’s possible. With this approach, he supports people rise to the challenge and believe in themselves, which yields results. Personally, I also appreciate his courage to decide and make new things happen. He’s not a follower, he sets the pace.

Leadership Consultant, Sweden

Every good leader needs at least one coach. During my 10 years of leadership I encountered several leadership challenges. Since being in contact with Casper I began to realize, how valuable the dialogue with a coach is. The trusting and confidential environment enables an openness, which can be tough but at the same time creating so much space. In this space I could find valuable insights, which helped me becoming a better leader and less tensed.

Business Director, Germany

It is my great honor to be under Casper's mentorship during a 1.5 year leadership training program.

As an individual, he has inspired and leaded me to advance in many ways. One most important is time management, I have learnt skills to stay focus and priorities; generate more valuable outputs yet have time to reflect. It is vital for my continuous growth.

He is a kind hearted yet firm person, so fun to work with. All these has leaded to a passionate team with spirit and commitment, and he himself has demonstrated the quality of a true leader.

Not least, Casper can work with people from different background, European and me as a Chinese. There is simply no cultural barrier.

Casper was a big manager director to me but I see him more a great inspiring leader now. I would highly recommend him to any company; person who want to excel oneself to reach a wider horizon

Product Manager, China

Without getting fully aware of who I was and being capable of, the fantastic acceleration of my carrier had never happened.

Ultimately, I grew as a human being, in all aspects. I was ready to advance to the next level, and by working together with Casper the direction became possible and real.

Business Manager, Sweden

Casper and I worked together for many years, through a number of different positions. He is one of the best leaders we have had in the business being both clear and visionary, as well as down to earth and driving action. He had a very clear track record of driving growth, managing transitions, and developing teams. He also happens to be one of the more pleasant people you will find to work with.

Vice President, Denmark

Casper is a true inspirational leader – never settles for the ordinary. He enables radical transformational change as Casper brings his full self and  presence into everything he does, thus in return he does not expect anything less than that from anyone who chooses to develop together with him. 

One crucial element in this is probably that he brings a rare if not unique talent for understanding what candidly drives people - paired with the sharpest clarity this simply makes immense growth happen.

Vice President HR, Denmark

In the top 5 (per mill) and among the very best of Business Leaders I have worked with. It has to do with the ability to utilize sound business theories and principles and build systematic processes and to always be enthusiatstic and motivate employees. By systematic processes I mean logically sound end-to-end processes that include analysis of the business environment and current performance n order to focus on the most relevant issues.

Auditor, Finland