advancing BUSINESS

Strategic challenges I have helped formulate and tackle comprise how to position multi-niche companies, how to segment and go to market, how to reduce complexity in product portfolios, how and where to digitise, how to formulate and execute a buy and build approach to growth, how to grow profitably organically, as well as real turn around of business among others.

My work with organisations rests on the basic belief that clarity and energy are fundamental to organisational performance, and that structure and processes need to be actively designed to minimise organisational friction. I have been deeply involved internationally in organisational design, organisational integration, transformational projects, post-merger integration, regionalisation, major restructuring and cultural development programs, just to name a few.

                                                               advancing PEOPLE

Challenges I have helped leaders with on a 1:1 basis for example relate to finding focus and ways forward in complicated and ambiguous situations, to building confidence in making important decisions, to finding ways of uniting their authentic selves with their managerial roles, and to enabling personal and professional breakthroughs.

Interaction is always and uncompromisingly based on absolute confidentiality and a trustful relationship, and my approach involves sensitivity, fundamental respect, listening intensely and empathising with the person. It also involves challenging constructively, using my own experiences and offering my points of view.

                                                              advancing LEADERSHIP

I combine my passion for good leadership and my ability to communicate and inspire people by giving speeches and presentations and engaging in dialogues that create reflection, new perspectives, and development for leaders and audiences.

My facilitation of key processes among others entail helping teams develop strategies through structured and actionable approaches that ensure clarity, focus and alignment. It also entails leading and coordinating dilligence processes and acting ad interim to support a leadership team or an organisation.